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Collection: OOFOS OOmg Fibre Low Shoe

OOFOS is well-known for their best-in-class comfort sandals, but there's no reason why you can't take that comfort on-the-go with their OOmg shoes as well. OOFOS OOmg Fibre Low Shoes will reinvigorate your feet when your workout is done but your day's work is not.

The soles of these shoes feature OOFOS patented OOfoam™ technology which absorbs impact on your feet and joints and reduces ankle energy exertion significantly.

This reduces stress on sore feet, knees, and back, and enable more natural motion. OOmg Fibre Low Shoes also feature minimalist construction so they're lightweight.

And, to make life easier, OOFOS OOmg Fibre Low Shoes are machine washable and resistant to moisture and bacteria, meaning they're easily kept clean.

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