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a 22 year streak is put to the test
Pacers owner, Chris Farley, heads to NYC in
an attempt to run another sub 3 hour marathon.
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A 22 year streak is put to the test in NYC
When Pacers owner Chris Farley failed to keep his 18 year streak of running under three hours in the marathon alive in November of 2017, that seemed to be the end of the road (literally). With only weeks left in...
A Return Home with Sarah Attar
Words & Photographyby Sarah Attar As we made our way across the country, I kept reflecting on how as we travelled west, it felt like a return home. The air started to get more and more familiar. The landscape warped...
Discovering the Beauty of Running Your Own Path
High in the mountains of Colorado, we met up with Brandon and Brittni: runners, travelers, and off-the-beaten-path seekers who took us up a long dirt road in their camper van about 45 minutes east of Durango to test ride the...