Man and woman running
Man and woman running


There's a good reason why the word 'Hoka' is synonymous with cushioned running shoes: the brand pioneered the high-stack, highly cushioned design that is commonplace in the running industry today.

When Hoka first came out with the design, runners were suprised that the extra cushion came with a surprisingly low amount of extra weight.

By prioritizing cushion in the shoe design and then building around that concept, Hoka made running shoes lighter and more cushioned than ever before, and the brand continues to lead the way in making shoes that are a joy for feet everywhere.

Woman mid-strike wearing HOKA Bondi


  • Bondi - Hoka created oversized running shoes no other shoes do oversized better than the Bondi which tons of smooth cushion for any distance·     
  • Clifton - The light puffy cushion absorbs shock no matter how you land on them and the early stage Meta-Rocker rolls your feet from one step to the next, mile after mile.·     
  • Arahi - Arahi are the running shoes of choice for runners that want the light cushion of Hoka but need added structure to help with overpronation.·
  • Rincon - Bordering on a racing shoe, the Rincon is a light and fast alternative to the Clifton that will have you taking minutes off of your time.
Man running on a trail wearing HOKA Tecton X


  • Speedgoat – The top trail running shoes at Pacers are a great blend of cushion, awesome traction, and great fit.·     
  • Mafate Speed – Designed for the top ulra-distance trail runners in the world, these shoes take on the burliest trails out there.·     
  • Tecton X – an awesome carbon plated racer, inspired by road running shoes but adapted to take on the trails.
Woman wearing Hoka Mach racing shoes


  • Mach – Max cushion and going fast were once at odds, but these shoes bridge the gap by bringing ample, super light cushion shaped to go fast.·     
  • Carbon X – Carbon X were some the first shoes to bring carbon plated shoes to the masses, with comfortable cushion and big energy return.·     
  • Rocket X – Hoka’s fastest shoes take design cues from past racing flats and add a modern carbon plate making them a workhorse racing shoes for any distance.


  • Transport – A unique shoe that combines running shoe features with everyday utility, the Transport is designed for commuters, nurses, and people who spend all day on their feet.
  • Transport X – A carbon-plated version of the HOKA Transport, the Transport X is an everyday shoe that is good for long hours when you occasionally need to pick up the pace. It's ideal for long days at the gym or hectic shift work when you need extra spring in your step.


The founders of Hoka are at home in the mountains. The company was born in the French Alps when the founders asked the question, "Why is running down steep hills not as fun as skiing or mountain biking?". Hoka's founders took what they knew from other disciplines and radically reinvented what we wear on our feet, helping us “fly over the earth”—which is what 'Hoka One One' means in Maori.

Man running uphill on road
Man running uphill on road


Hoka’s earliest adopters were those who like to run for a really long time. Ultra-runners gravitated to Hoka’s extra cushioning which helps keep feet comfortable during long-distance runs. For decades, Hoka has been at the top of the podium of premier races like Western States 100 miler, Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, and countless others. They are a favorite at Ironman Triathlons where Hoka is the footwear sponsor. Hoka shoes have even been used to run across the United States from coast to coast.