When you’ve been hard on your feet, putting on a pair of OOFOS recovery sandals or shoes is the most comfortable thing you can do for your feet short of nestling them in a comfy bed or sofa.

OOFOS shoes and sandals are so comfortable because of the brand’s proprietary OOfoam™ technology. OOfoam™ is molded to a patented shape that takes pressure off your feet and joints and reduces ankle exertion by 47%.

Because life doesn’t stop when you take your shoes off, OOFOS is here for dog walks, baby strolls, house-work, and all of your daily chores.

OOFOS Recovery Sandals

Kicking off your shoes and letting your feet breathe is the best way to transition to recovery. Easily slide into recovery with OOFOS sandals and mules.

  • OOriginal and OOlala - three-point sandals that cradle your feet in comfort
  • OOahh and OOahh Sport Flex – Slide into ultimate comfort and support
  • OOcloog – Half shoe, half sandal, and all comfort
  • OOcandoo – Let your feet breathe while you take on anything in ultimate comfort

OOFOS Recovery Shoes

Comfort of OOFOS with the stability and versatility of shoes when the days and adventures don’t stop.

  • OOmg Sport Shoe – Wrap your feet between OOFOS proprietary OOfoam™ technology and a 4-way stretch upper.
  • OOmg Fibre Low Shoe — When your workout is done but your day isn't, these versatile and machine-washable shoes allow you to experience the comfort of OOFOS' proprietary OOfoam™ on the go.

OOFOS Winter Recovery Shoes

Cold feet are not only unpleasant, but the cold also slows blood circulation which is necessary for recovery. During the winter months, keep your toes warm and comfortable with OOFOS’ OOcoozie recovery slipper and OOmg Boots.

  • OOcoozie recovery slipper – wrap your toes in warm fleece while OOFoam cradles your feet
  • OOmg Boots – For days that need full insulation and keeping the weather out

Recover Faster with OOfoam™

Proprietary OOfoam™ technology reduces impact stresses and supports your foot's arch to reduce energy exertion in your ankles by up to 47% versus competitors’ footwear. So, with OOFOS recovery shoes and sandals, walking is easier and more comfortable.


OOFOS’ story began with a team of performance footwear veterans determined to create something better for the body. Athletic shoes propel through fast rebounding, high-energy-return foams, so OOFOS’ founders set out to find a new type of material that would absorb impact, rebounding slowly and facilitating recovery after workouts or long days on your feet.