OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief Socks


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The OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief Socks separate the big toe from the rest of the toes, allowing for more natural toe splay and relieving pain and discomfort from bunions and blisters between toes. These socks also add extra padding around the bunion area and in the toes, preventing chafing and friction that would otherwise cause discomfort on the run. Moisture-wicking materials also help to make sure blisters stay away! With four discrete zones of graduated compression thanks to OS1st's Compression Zone Technology, you get just the right amount of pressure in all parts of the foot, improving circulation and aiding with active recovery. The Y-gore heel cups your foot in the shoe securely, making sure the sock doesn't bunch up or slip around, so you can always get the full benefits of what the OS1st BR4 Bunion Relief Socks have to offer!

Sizing (by shoe size):

Small - M 3 - 6 / W 4 - 7
Medium - M 6.5 - 9.5 / W 7.5 - 10
Large - M 10 - 13 / W 10.5+

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