Adidas is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and they got their start in developing running shoes. 

With its hyper-focus on innovation and loading their running and racing shoes with the latest technology. In that regard, it's no surprise that Adidas racing shoes have been worn by many marathon winners.

But Adidas shoes aren’t just for elite runners. Adidas offers a wide range of running shoes and has offerings to help you pursue your goals!


No matter the distance or pace, Adidas road running shoes will make your run a success.

  • Adizero SL – a no-frills everyday trainer that can handle daily mileage and faster runs.
  • Adizero Adios – For those who don’t need the latest technology but still want a shoe with some pop.
  • Adizero Boston – a performance everyday running shoe with enough cushion for longer runs and enough bounce for faster efforts.


Adidas has road racing shoes for every distance from 5k to the marathon.

  • Adizero Adios Pro – A favorite choice of top marathon runners, the Adizero Adios Pro has carbon fiber energy rods to get you your next personal best.
  • Adizero Prime X Strung – Adidas’ “illegal” racing shoe is loaded with technology and cushioning for your fastest race yet or most comfortable long run ever.
  • Adizero Takumi Sen – This supershoe designed for 5k and 10k races will leave your competitors in the dust.


Adidas makes shoes with a high level of cushion for maximal comfort whether you’re running or spending all day on your feet.

  • Ultraboost Light – Adidas’ max cushioned trainer provides a supportive and firm feel for easy runs and as an all-around gym shoe.
  • Adistar – a max cushioned shoe with a rocker shape for easier transitions on long, easy runs or spending all day on your feet.
  • Adistar CS – this max-cushioned stability running shoe works best for overpronators who run a lot of miles.

Through Sport, We Have The Power To Change Lives

Adidas was founded by two German brothers who designed a lighter weight running spike out of canvas and rubber materials. They convinced Jesse Owens to wear their spikes in the 1936 Olympics, where he went on to win four gold medals. From there, Adidas has grown into the second largest sportswear company in the world.

Adidas believes that sport has the power to change lives. That ethos is reflected in their willingness to push the envelope with new technologies to develop shoes for every pace and distance. Whatever your goal, Adidas has a shoe to help you achieve it.

End Plastic Waste

Through their collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, Adidas started making running shoes from upcycled plastic in 2015. They collected plastic waste from beaches and coastal communities and turned it into yarn for their Ultraboost uppers. As of 2020, this partnership has led to over 30 million pairs of shoes made with recycled plastic.