2023: It's time to start running.


Becoming a runner.

Every person you see running out in the world today was at one point, not a runner. Regardless of whether they are the fastest person on earth, having fun in the back of the pack, or somewhere in between. One moment they weren't a runner, and the next moment, and a stride later, they were.

Read on for inspiration from other runners who were at one point just like you and download our free training plan to get started running in the New Year!

How They Started


Melissa has started running twice: Once when she was a kid and again after coming back from a cancer diagnosis in 2021. She uses running to feel connected to the world and to be present as she lives life fearlessly in her post-treatment journey.


Manager of our favorite hotel, Yours Truly, Tauseen is a relatively new runner who began his journey after a health scare forced him to reconsider his priorities. Tauseen shares his story on why he started to run and what running means to him three years after he started.


Born and raised in the DC area, Eli has been running almost since he can remember. His first strides were around the track as a kid waiting for his older brother to finish his workout for the day.

Get Started today!

Free Training

One of the best ways to start running is to follow a plan. Pacers' Owner Chris Farley has written up a simple plan to help you get started with tips to keep you going.

Follow it exactly or adapt it to fit your needs!

2023 Goal: Run a Race

One of the BEST ways to get into running is to pick a race and sign up. Knowing you have an event on the calendar you need to train for and show up to helps make yoru running commitment stick! If you're in the D.C. area, check out one of our 2023 signature races!

Questions? Drop us a line

We are always here to support. DM us on instagram (@runpacers) with all of your training questions!