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The first mile: Tauseen Malik

Tauseen Malik is the General Manager of Yours Truly Hotel, home to a weekly Pacers social run and one of the hippest places to crash in downtown DC.

In addition to being the GM, Tauseen is a relatively new runner, beginning running in 2018 after a health scare caused him to re-evaluate his habits. We caught up with Tauseen to talk about running, travel, and using running to build community.

Take me back to when you first started running, when was that and why did you get started?

In 2018, I had a major health scare… As I was reflecting through it I was like “ok how do I introduce something that is going to help me spend more time with my family and also get my health back on track.” Running seemed very attractive. It just became part of life for me. It gave me more energy and helped me manage stress better.

One thing I really love about your story is that you got your family involved and you used running to come together as a family. Tell me about the first time you guys went out to run together?

It was in Plano, Texas in 2018. Just outside our house we had a huge park/playground. I downloaded this app called “couch-to-5K.” I remember we had more fun, we ran less but we had more fun though (laughs). We said we should do this again. And that’s how it really started.

You are a Pacers ambassador and have really helped build a strong relationship between Yours Truly and Pacers. How has your relationship with Pacers helped you as a runner?

What I love most about Pacers is the community aspect. The community aspect is something that I personally am very passionate about and at Yours Truly we are very involved in the community. 

Pacers has encouraged me to run even more. Sure, I could run on my own but the inclusivity of Pacers especially when you go to group runs: I can walk. I can run. I can run slowly. I have seen that Pacers group runs are very welcoming.

They don't make you feel out of place or that you need to keep up with pace. I love that aspect of it.

Obviously the store itself and the quality of the products you get, is a big part of it as well.

What does Pacers “For Every Run” mean to you?

For every run is just like for everyone, right? So when I see the people who are involved with Pacers and the people who are running with Pacers, I see a lot of diversity. With diversity I mean people who are faster runners, who are slow runners, even people who are there probably just to walk but maybe want to run!

People who are wanting to focus on health but also have a great time. They want to be connected with something with purpose, with meaning and to support each other. I think it's less individualistic and more collaborative.

As the GM of a hotel and a runner, what do you think about the relationship between travel and running?

For many years we used to say travel takes you places. Running allows you to explore places that no other transportation allows you. I think that's one of the biggest unspoken benefits of running.

Here at Yours Truly we actually have a weekly run with Pacers on weekends. With each week there are more and more people participating. Running creates that community that bonds you together which connects with the spirit of travel.