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Roll Recovery R8 Deep Tissue Massage Roller

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Get the most legendary massage roller in running! The Roll Recovery R8 Deep Tissue Massage Roller is known for digging in deep, giving all the muscles in the legs a serious kneading that will leave you feeling refreshed. It's perfect for everyday maintenance and to recover from tightness, soreness, or light muscle injuries. The R8's deep tissue massage comes from spring-loaded arms that hold the two rollers securely on your leg, giving you an intense targeted recovery session and if you need to cut that tension a bit, the R8 does come with a tool to loosen those springs. There are also Super Plush and Super Deep R8 Inserts sold separately, if you're looking for a lighter or deeper massage.

Best of all, the R8's clever design means it can be used anywhere no need for the floor space that a typical foam roller requires. All of the force comes from the spring-loaded arms, allowing you to use the R8 at home, in the office, or on the go. The R8 comes with a carrying bag to make it even more convenient to take it with you to and from work and workouts alike.

The R8 can be used to target the IT bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, gluteus, arms, and lots more. Using the R8 consistently can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and break up muscle adhesions, all things that can help your body recover and come back stronger after a hard workout!